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Casino royale directv

casino royale directv

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She was the focus of the story. I loved the movie because of it. I mean really — Goldfinger at the top??? As for Roger Moore films being the worst, I respectfully disagree.

Every Bond was a good actor and did their job well even model turned actor George Lazenby. Here are some of my best Bond films no particular order: The low budget actually enhanced some of the suspense and chase scenes.

One of my favorites. From Russia With Love- The higher budget shows. GoldFinger-The most overrated Bond movie ever.

However Connery looked very handsome and the girls were very sexy. Good villain and great music. I was expecting too much when I saw this.

High expectations hurt the overall movie experience. Thunderball- My favorite Bond film, for the exact reasons the previous entry was not.

The underwater action was amazing as was the action on land. Connery never looked more handsome and the girls were gorgeous.

Miami Beach and Nassau island location shots looked beautiful. George Lazenby was fine. The action sequences were the best yet, especially by the beach and the snowy mountains.

Bond gets married and the drama was engrossing. One of the best Bond films ever. Non stop fun and Jaws was hilarious. Golden Eye- More serious Bond after Moore.

Brosnan was a great choice to play Bond. Casino Royale- Craig was extremely serious as Bond. Took me a while to get used him. But he did a great job.

Rough and tough action scenes complimented by heavy drama and true love reminded me of On Her Majesties Secret Service.

In the end, one of the best Bond films ever made. Not as fun and light as most entries though. Sky Fall- Felt like 2 movies in one. The budget seemed higher than most of the Bond films although most do seem very expensive and the action sequences were very elaborate.

Highly dramatic and well produced. Might be too artsy for some, but I enjoyed it immensely. One of the best Bond movies ever.

We like what we like. There will be folks who like the cute little quips, the jokes, the gadgets. Early bond films were produced in an era where musicals like Oklahoma, Elvis Presley films, were not only hits but modeled the industry culture; the scripts had the obvious stuff that people liked while at the same time going more to the edge.

The Daniel Craig films are spy action drama which emphasizes brooding cynicism with gunplay. You sound like a Bond connoisseur. When you spend this much time thinking about and experiencing something, you earn that accolade.

Have to agree — Thunderball remains my fave saw it again yesterday and On Her Majestys Secret Service is my second fave. Never liked too many of the Moor films.

I thought Skyfall was pretty good; Spectre less so. Waste of the franchise. Lazenby was a better bond. So, because the old movies had stupid crap, we should forgive the new ones for having stupid crap?

Taking the nostalgia tinted glasses off, the new ones have less stupid crap by comparison. You might as well disown all Bond movies, period.

The new movies suck. Boring and devoid of personality. No Bond in the new movies…just generic action british hero with problems.

Not my favorite but still a good one. Sounds like you miss Roger Moore and cars that turn into submarines. No toilet paper, running water — how would they feel going into a cafe and ordering breakfast… It was an excellent film, and some films are gritty, have broken characters requiring one to see and accept the flaws of the human condition.

How did they feel about Broke Back Mountain? Two cowboys kissing — eeee-yooo. It was a pointless movie and homosexual themes do nothing for me.

Craig is the best Bond yet. Broke Back was uninteresting and finally — depressing. Got to wonder why a talented story teller would write a full bore homosexual piece.

Seems like the story, such as it was, was peripheral, a prop to present two dudes indulging themselves. Even Life of Pi had big messages in it, not so sure about Gozilla or Hulk, though.

There is a ranking on CrowdSens where you can rank all the bond movies. If everyone participates, we can see the consensus of the group. Their plots make no damn sense.

At least the goofy ones are fun to watch. Definitely not James Bond. Time to move on and get someone with a personality. Roger Moore was a lot better James Bond.

Well the original Bond is a suave character in both the films and books. Delving deeper in the complexities of such a character takes him from a card board cut-out making cute little quips to a more fully formed character with hard edges.

Well, anyway — opinions, which makes the whole thing fun; better than discussing politics. Totally agree, aside from Deakins beautiful cinematography I thought Skyfall was very average.

Casino Royale is the one bond film that really sticks out for me. I agree to an extent. The story is really unambitious not to mention the plot holes are excessive , the scope of the film is smaller than the other films and is has none of the edge or suspense Casino Royale or Quantum of Solace had.

Spectre is slightly better, but still not as good. Bring back Martin Campbell, I say! We need a new director and star.

It was boring and incoherent. The bad guy made no sense. He was playing the clown — in one case literally — the whole time.

Thank you people like to act like sky fall is the end all be all of bond movies. That ranking is pretty stupid. Goldfinger had a 8.

I feel like a lot of this is the nostalgia speaking. This is just my opinion, though I respect yours too. Any of the Daniel Craig Bond movies should be at the bottom of this list.

Wow this list proves Rotten Tomatoes takes cash for better ratings. No, From Russia with Love and Goldfinger? If he would simply show a little more discretion and nobility….

Still a Top 5 contender though. Respectfully disagree on all accounts. For me, top five for Bond is: The Living Daylights 3.

From Russia With Love 4. Oh they left a trail only a hacker could follow so Bond goes by himself to his childhood home?

Then the bad guys send an entire army to attack them, and still Bond is by himself and two other people to fight them off? The entire ending is absurd, I left the theater visibly angry.

Just take a DEEP breath, and repeat after us: Either way, you get my point, right? Absurdity thrown in the face of TRUE die-hard no pun intended fans is a dangerous thing to do, if one wants to retain the fan-base.

Talk about blatantly biased — LOL! It is interesting that the Daniel Craig and Sean Connery films edge out all others.

This is as it should be. I would give the edge to the one of the first three Connery films as the best. Strange esoteric movies, French films, etc.

Sacriledge, I know, but Goldfinger is so overrated. There are dull stretches like the disposal of a car that contains an irrelevant character who is already dead and that zzz golf game.

Sean Connery was perfection. Best movie is the first, Dr No. Then From Russia and Goldfinger. Then they slip into mediocrity where the explosions and nonsense overwhelm the plot.

For me the cleverness finally came back with Daniel Craig and Casino. The rankings above have clearly been paid for by the producer.

All told…I think Skyfall will likely end up 1 on the majority of Bond-fans minds, for some time to come. Only time will tell. Michael Fassbender is a great actor.

Too great to be Bond, honestly. I can understand why Daniel Craig is sick of doing it. I also want a younger Bond. Maybe not a year old, but a year old would be great.

Sean Connery was the only Bond to actually be pretty young when he was cast. Even the very worst Bond films were highly watchable and mostly enjoyable, not in any particular order: DR NO — Very satisfying debut , even without the high budget and gadgets.

Featuring my favorite Bond girl Ursula Andress. Connery looked quite young, but looked experienced already. Considered by some as the most original BOND film ever.

Well it was only the second film so it should be original. I enjoyed it to a point, but the hype for it let me down. Too slow and dull. But this is considered the best by many.

Connery looked very handsome here and the female villains were extremely sexy. The underwater action was stunning. And the action on land was fantastic.

Connery never looked more handsome and he was simply the perfect BOND here. The girls were gorgeous too. Scenery of the Bahamas was magnificent.

But the action sequences were best yet and more than compensated for the few slow spots. Loved it all in all. Great way to start the new century.

Not light or humorous like previous entries, but fast moving and enjoyable. I enjoyed reading your opinions on the various Bond films. My list would be the same as yours except for two films.

I would replace Die Another Day and Dr. It is a fine first effort but lacked the elements from future, and in my opinion, better Bond films.

I will have to watch it again to see if I am wrong. Live and Let Die was super entertaining. That movie hit all the right notes for the blaxploitation era.

The costumes, script, black gangsters, Baron Samedi, and sheriff J. Pepper were spot on. I loved the scenes with Roger Moore visiting Harlem.

Sometimes I prefer my Bond to be fun and this movie satisfies it like no other. Tomorrow Never Dies belongs in my upper tier due to my liking my Bond to be fun sometimes.

This movie has all three! Kaufman in the hotel room with Bond ranks near the top for funniest Bond moments. As always, Michelle Yeoh is fantastic as an action hero.

I found the villain to be refreshingly original. Thank you for the response! No gadgets and gimmicks but this movie was so innocent and enjoyable for me.

I regard this as one of the better Bonds. Die Another Day was quite the opposite of Dr No. The budget was sky high and the gadgets and gimmicks were prevalent throughout.

Loved it though and it felt like 2 Bond movies in one, much like Sky Fall. Tomorrow Never Dies did have some excellent action sequences a d Bronsan was likeable as always, but some the scenes dragged , not fun enough for me.

But again like all Bond films , highly watchable. World Is Not Enough was silly but more entertaining for me. And yes give Die Another Day another try.

Some elements remind me of SkyFall. Of course everything is subjective and what I believe might be the antithesis of another opinion.

Just a fun fact: First time ever and the best time I ever had in a monie theatre. So experiences and initial reactions play a large part in these reviews.

Btw disregard critics and other fans opinions and just have fun! This list loses all credibility because Quantum of Solace is ranked above anything.

That movie was terrible. They essentially made the story and the dialogues up on the spot during filming. Daniel Craig himself ended up writing parts of that movie.

Because of this, QoS is nearly incomprehensible in its first viewing, at least it was for me. Have you seen them though?

Some of those other Bond movies are really terrible. Whoever compiled this list must have been the same plank who scored Bridge of Spies and The Martian — 2 very predictable over long recent releases, more than 90 out of ,.

I never bought Dalton in the role. Failed in two critical areas. I love it when people miss the point of Rotten Tomatoes.

What completely fabricated nonsense. Since there are more reviews available for more recent releases, we get a more accurate representation of the critical consensus.

With that in mind, the other Bond films will seem dated by comparison, which is understandable. Formulaic is mentioned in one criticism of this franchise.

The charm of the Daniel Craig films was a certain Je ne sais quo but the rest remained the same…. I am no longer entertained. Daniel Craig is not James Bond.

He never will be. And those movies are just big piles of crap and only successful because of tens of millions going into global marketing. Geez, I watched every Bond movie more than a hundred times, except those crappy Craig movies.

Skyfall is number one!? Slow meandering plot, forgettable story, characters, and intrigue that ended with an explosive surprise..

Skyfall at number 1? Give me a break. I think the problem may be that they keep trying to make these movies current but still tie them back to the original Fleming novels.

Bond, and the environment that made the early movies so excellent, comes from the cold war. This new formula of larger-then-life, live-action fight scenes is not what made the Ian Fleming novels so excellent.

And although Daniel Craig is a very good actor, it is difficult to compare him with the ultimate Bond, James Bond that was Sean Connery. This brooding, brutal character is not the Bond that I know and enjoy.

Idris definitely has paid his dues, and has the chops to do whatever he sets his mind to. No, not ALL of them ….

Craig is, what, 45? Then you take whichever one or ones do the best in a 00 role and run with him or them. And just in case the writers are reading this, whatever you do, do NOT tie another double-0 naked to a chair and play bocce ball with his nether regions.

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Casino Royale Directv Video

Casino Royale - Torture Scene (1080p){/ITEM}


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